Nowhereland Children’s Art Festival
Work:Project management, design and production of exhibition, development of visual identity
Place:Blågården Library, Blågårds Pl. 5, 2200 Copenhagen
Date:13 - 16 September 2019
Partners: Children and Youth Administration, Åben Skole, Blågården library, CPH Volunteers
Sponsors: Nørrebro Local Committee, Nordea Fonden, Sonning-fonden, BUPL, Danish Arts Foundation

Nowhereland Children’s Art Festival opens up a colourful imaginary world, where children’s play and creativity are let loose. In 2019 the festival was held as a four-day event, where the first two days were organized for primary school classes, while the two remaining days were open for families. The festival consisted of 12 school workshops and 6 family activities, and was visited by 330 pupils, while around 200 children and their families participated in the family days. The festival exhibition was nominated to the Norwegian award Visuelt 2020, in the category of illustration.

Sensory Exhibition with creative workshops

A large, interactive exhibition space sets the scene for the festival, created to interact with, play around in, or hide inside. Here, children can build funny totem poles in cardbox, throw themselves around with the sea creatures on the seabed, or solve a rebus with questions about the mysterious animals of Nowhereland. What’s more, the whole sensory exhibition space acts as one big workshop, which inspires the children themselves to be creative. Each workshop involves different elements from the exhibition and thus fits visually into the universe of the exhibition: building a home for the five-eyed jelly-fish, creating a soundscape for life under water, and much more! During the four festival days, the exhibition expands as the visiting children make their creative additions. The interactive aspect and the role of co-creator lets the children make the festival their own.

Workshops with a focus on creative learning

The festival programme offers workshops and activities focused on the creative process through artistic and craft techniques, with workshops on animation, podcast production, illustration, architecture and theater. The school programme at the festival is developed and facilitated by talented professional artists who translate their skills into exciting and educational teaching material, based on specific grade levels and learning goals.

Film and photo: Johan Carlsson,

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