The City under Nordhavn
Client: Cool construction
Work:Idea development, sketching, production of mural
Place:Orientkaj 1, 2150 Copenhagen
Date:June 2018

The City under Nordhavn is a 41 x 2 metre mural illustrating an imaginative underwater universe underneath a neighbourhood in northern Copenhagen. Here you can find sea plants with faces, circulating patterns, and corals in colorful compositions. With an aesthetic language consisting of both figurative and abstract elements, we wanted to create a motif that could light up the imagination and a sense of wonder for people passing by. Several of the sea animals pictured in "Byen under Nordhavn" have eyes and are easy to point out, without looking exactly like any real underwater animals. You do not quite know what you are looking at, so the viewer has to create their own story from the mural.

The paint is sponsored by Sadolin.